A future-oriented vision for Gartenmann Engineering

Read Leana Santschi's article to learn about gae's communication strategy and vision for the future in collaboration with HI Switzerland.

A future-oriented vision for Gartenmann Engineering
«We would like to thank HI Switzerland for the successful cooperation.»

Effective cooperation is the cornerstone of successful projects. This is exactly what we asked our client Gartenmann Engineering about. Franziska Hofmann Pulver, assistant to the management, explains how Gartenmann Engineering experienced our revamp of its communication strategy, our collaboration, and the engineering company’s plans for the future. We thank her for her insightful responses – it was a pleasure speaking to her.

Who are GAE?

GAE are specialists in the construction industry – expert individuals with a largely technical background who offer consulting and engineering services in the realms of acoustics, building physics, energy, sustainability, fire protection, contamination and healthy living. A team of almost 90 spread across a number of offices throughout Switzerland.

What prompted you to revise your communication strategy?

The world is changing, and so is our company’s portfolio of services. In addition, GAE has seen steady growth over the past few years. Previously, people used to know about a company through personal contacts within narrow business-related contexts: that is no longer necessarily the case. In addition, the way businesses communicate is changing. That is why we wanted to revise our communication strategy and make it fit for the modern world.

What was your experience of working with HI?

We found them to be attentive and responsive; there was a clear desire on both sides to understand and get to know each other in a bid to develop the right elements of our communication through dialogue. HI is keen to establish a comprehensive, broad working relationship with its clients. This also includes the willingness to implement feedback constructively so that the two sides in the process grow ever closer together.

What, for you, was the biggest highlight during the entire process?

This was undoubtedly the moment we presented the results of our visionary work and the new elements of our communication at our customer events. A further highlight remains the fact that everyone at GAE identifies with the values, statements and communication strategy and is happy to talk to customers about these aspects.

What are your plans for the future?

Our plans for the future are clear: to ensure high quality building, find solutions and make innovations more sustainable. In doing so, our focus is on people – as employees, as project team members, as users of buildings and infrastructures, and as clients and investors.

Portrait Franziska Hofmann Pulver
Franziska Hofmann Pulver
Site Bern
T +41 31 533 06 05
E f.hofmann@gae.ch
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