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Roche Home 4 IT

Roche Home 4 IT


At the Kaiseraugst site, several IT sites were merged to create Roche’s largest IT site worldwide. The construction of the new, modern IT centre demonstrates, on the one hand, the strategic importance of modern information technology for Roche and, on the other, a commitment by Roche to the Basel region. The Home for IT” consists of four modern office buildings hosting flexible workstations for around 1300 employees.

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Roche Home 4 IT
2014 – 2018
New construction
F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG
Nissen Wentzlaff Architekten
General planning
Emch+Berger ImmoConsult AG, Basel
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Summer thermal insulation
Thermal simulations
Energy concepts
Energy certificate
Room acoustics
Structure-borne noise
Soundproofing certificates
Building acoustics
Building physics
Construction supervision
Thermal protection
3D simulations
Flow simulation
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Gartenmann Engineering was able to supervise the entire project from conception, planning and execution.

Roche is keen to provide the latter with quality of use, comfort and optimum flexibility in a working environment that boasts very high energy efficiency. Gartenmann Engineering oversaw the entire project from conception and planning to execution. The open atriums are undoubtedly amongst the highlights of the project. In each of the four buildings, they form an open meeting zone adjacent to the work areas with ultra high standards in terms of room acoustics, thermal comfort and visual ambience. Use of simulation tools helped GAE meet these expectations and provide precise input for the planners. The tools were used e.g. to test and optimise the materials used in the atrium, the concept for controlling the solar and glare protection, and the air ducting for discharging the warm air cushion under the glass roof.

The external envelope of the four office buildings meets the highest standards of thermal protection in winter and summer. Worthy of special mention here is the ingenious solar protection control system, which simultaneously allows a high degree of visual contact with the outside world while complying with legal requirements and the need for low solar gain. A concept was developed that allows a high level of visibility to the outside depending on the position of the sun and the outside temperature and taking into account minimised movements of the sun protection slats. To ensure a high availability of the solar protection at the same time, the positioning of the wind sensors on the respective facades was optimised with the aid of wind simulations.

Our specialists were regularly on site for quality control during construction, enabling them to observe and supervise the completion of this impressive project right through to its handover to the user.

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