Jonas Brunner

Technician TS Wood Construction
Cert. Fire Protection Specialist / Association of Cantonal Fire Insurers
Senior Project Manager

Fire Protection, Statics in Wood Construction, Verification Procedures & Expertises in Fire Protection
Site Bern, Site Luzern
Nordring 4A, Postfach, 3001 Bern
Cysatstrasse 23A, 6004 Luzern

Grew up as a farmer’s son in the Solothurn Jura. Apprenticeship as a carpenter. Further training to become a timber construction technician TS. Several years of practical work in the trade.
Long period of self-employment and management of an engineering firm for timber construction. Further training to become a fire protection expert. Project manager for fire protection and authorised signatory at Gartenmann Engineering. Timber construction expert and interested in ecological construction with natural building materials. Member of the board of Pro Holz Schweiz. Father of two, motorcyclist, hiker, DIY enthusiast and wrestling fan.