Martin Balmer

Cert. Energy Engineer NDS/FH/SIA
MAS Sustainable Building
Contact person for Bern / Partner

Acoustics, Energyye, Sustainability, Building Physics
Site Bern
Nordring 4A, Postfach, 3001 Bern

Grew up near Basel. Apprenticeship as a heating draughtsman in a planning office with a focus on building physics and sustainable energy systems. Further training to become a heating technician TS, energy engineer NDS/FH, MAS Sustainable Construction, CAS Minergie-ECO, CAS Acoustics. After years spent in the building technology sector and working on major projects in the Basel area, he moved into the area of building physics. Helped to set up Gartenmann Engineering’s Basel site. After about 10 years, he moved to Bern. Over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, including over 20 years at Gartenmann Engineering. Bern site manager, partner and involved in large and small-scale projects, primarily in the areas of sustainability, energy, building physics and acoustics. Leisure time spent mainly outdoors, especially in the mountains.

Sustainable pioneering work for hospital buildings
Sustainable pioneering work for hospital buildings
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